Here at The House of Refuge we are a temporary men's homeless shelter. We serve any male 18 years or older. We believe that schedules and structure are good recipes for success.

Check in begins each afternoon at 4:30. First night is free and each night thereafter is $3.00. Each guest must pass a breathalyzer test. Bed assignments are made at check in. Each guest must make his own bed with freshly laundered sheets and blankets. A shower is required and clean towels are assigned. Laundry services are offered so the each guest is able to clean the clothes he wears or carries with him. A hot meal is served at 6 pm. TV and socialization are allowed until lights out at 10 pm.

Wake up is 6:00 am. Sheets, blankets and towels are turned into laundry room. The guest share in the cleaning of bathrooms, sweeping and mopping floors. Breakfast is served and check out follows at 8:00 am.

Because we are a temporary shelter each guest must take his belongings with him daily.

We offer limited scholarships for men in need of financial assistance.

We recommend that the application be made a minimum of 2 days before the monetary need presents.

We have rules that must be followed by each guest in order to provide safety to all who stay.

Those who cannot follow the rules are asked to leave. Offering a peaceful, clean and safe place for each guest is a must for our success.